Error monitoring
Monitoring tab shows all errors catch in your apps

Project lists

After going to the "Monitor" tab, you can see the recorded applications:

Application view:

Each application recorded by RevDeBug receives such a view:
The application can be monitored for usage trends. This view also gives an insight into the statistics in which release or country most errors are generated.
In the same view, there is also a list of errors. It contains information about a given error, how many times it occurred, when it last happened, etc.

Error view:

After clicking a given error, you can see its details. The whole error message is visible here, with the information where and when it occurred.

Code view:

After pressing the "Code view" button, you can playback a given error in the code of the recording. By clicking the arrows, you can navigate through the recording. It is also possible to search by the method and variable names and values.