Method Metric
This is one type of recording mode. Allows you to track the metrics of the methods performed while the program is running.


  • Maven / Gradle project configuration:
    • In pom/ file set parameter in appropriate section:
  • The next step can be done in two ways:
    • By enviroment variable: REVDEBUG_CODE_COVERAGE = true
  • Compile project using the build tool (Maven, Gradle)
  • From now on, If you run your application by the main method, a test from a build tool etc.
  • When the test run will be complete, the console will display links to the coverage report in CSV format


Before running the task/configuration provided by the IntelliJ please make sure that you don’t have build in the before launch section as it will override the maven build step and circumvent any settings set for the build pipeline
TestNG task in IntelliJ
Make sure the test task doesn't contain build in before launch section
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