How to start with RevDeBug
RevDeBug is a platform for monitoring distributed systems that provides automatic code instrumentation and agentless monitoring. With end-to-end tracing and effortless observability for all of your cloud-native or on-premise applications.

RevDeBug Architecture

RevDeBug Component Architecture
RevDeBug consists of two elements:
  • RevDeBug Server used to gather and record the metrics and execution/error recordings - deployed within your own cloud tenant or on-premises.
  • RevDeBug application depenencies - libraries and packages used to automatically integrate RevDeBug with the applications.


To start using RevDeBug you need to complete three easy steps:
  1. 1.
    Create your account on the RevDeBug portal and create a new organization
  2. 3.
    Instrument your apps
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    2. 2.
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RevDeBug Features:
We will be grateful for any comments on the functionalities as well as suggestions for product development.
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