Connecting GIT repository using SSH keys

It is possible to connect to GIT repository using a passwordless service-user ssh key instead of login/password pair.

RevDeBug recordings are overlayed on source code fetched directly from GIT repository.

Repository configuration using login and password and HTTP/HTTPS transport for projects can be set up inside Settings > Repository Configuration.

When SSH transport is required, the following steps are needed:

  • A private password-less SSH key for a service user, preferably read-only, needs to be uploaded into /var/revdebug/git-ssh-key-dir/ folder on the RevDeBug Server (location can differ depending on REVDEBUG_VOLUME_GIT_SSH_KEYS server configuration setting).

  • Repository address in Settings > Repository Configuration, have to be set in a format similar to:

  • Login and Password fields are to remain empty.

Refspec git support

Your program code can be auto-loaded from your repo even when you use a non-default refspec. All you have to do to link the code from the custom refspec is to configure "Additional refspecs".


More information on refspec can be found here

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