Cleaning RevDeBug instrumentation

How to clean RevDeBug instrumented files in your project
You may instrument your files as many times as you like. The first time you do this the originals are copied to the revdsrc/ parallel directory tree and each subsequent time they are instrumented from there. This means that if you want to edit your original source file after instrumenting you should do it in the revdsrc/ subdirectory. When you execute revd --remove the source files are copied back from this subdirectory to their original location along with any changes you made in the revdsrc/ tree.
In order to clean your files of any instrumentation, simply use the --clean command line switch.
You can use this with individual files or projects, so for example this will clean all files in the current directory:
revd --clean *.js
This will clean all files belonging to .project1.
revd --clean .project1
Cleaning will not remove the files from the revdsrc/ directory tree however. If you wish to revert ALL files to their original state and remove all traces of RevDeBug instrumentation then execute:
revd --remove

Last modified 1yr ago