Frequently asked questions

What data is recorded by RevDeBug?

By default, we are capturing exceptions with their messages and stack traces, variable values that lead to the exception, and code-specific events like method enters or exits.

How can I make sure not to record sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc?

RevDeBug comes with extendible exclusion rules that allow developers to choose what not to record. By default, RevDeBug doesn’t record variables with passwords, card numbers, and secret keys, but devs can easily extend those rules. Summarizing: RevDeBug doesn’t have to scramble sensitive data or so, because it is not recorded at all.

How secure is my data? Is it secret? Will unauthorized users have access to the RevDeBug recordings? Is it safe?

Data is accessible only by developers, that were granted access to the RevDeBug Server. The RevDeBug Server is an application that manages to record and deploy it on your own premises. In other words, it is as safe as you keep it. We don't have any access to your data.

The recordings are stored on your dedicated RevDeBug Server. Only people within your own organization and with granted access can reach them.

What data is being sent in the Customer Improvement Program?

RevDeBug collects only the usage statistics and checks the license attached to your account (ex. What feature have you used, what version of Visual Studio you’re using...). It helps us improve our tool and make it more user-friendly. We don't have access to any of your IPs and any PII you are processing.

Does RevDeBug work with obfuscated code?

RevDeBug allows monitoring your obfuscated applications on production and dealing with those. Thanks to the unique technology we implemented, standard obfuscators do not affect the functionality of our software

Building pipeline with standard obfuscators and RevDeBug on .NET example:

Do you support web apps running on Microsoft IIS and IIS Express?

Yes, we do, and you don’t even need to reconfigure IIS to make it work both locally inside Visual Studio and remotely. Just compile your project with RevDeBug and that’s it. The next time you access your web app it will stream the recording to the Recording Server and then into your Visual Studio (you don’t even have to hit the ‘run’ button).

Can I install RevDeBug DevOps Monitor on Windows 10?

Yes, as long as you have Docker installed on your Windows 10 machine. At the moment there is no Windows-native distribution for RevDeBug Server, but if you need one, feel free to contact us at support@revdebug.com

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