Tests Monitoring

RevDeBug trace id can be included in Cypress error reports for easier root cause detection for failed automated end-to-end tests.


Installed and configured RevDeBug Node.JS module - please refer to JavaScript section.


From command line at the cypress project root directory add a reference to the @revdebug module repository:
npm config set @revdebug:registry
Then install RevDeBug Cypress plugin:
npm install @revdebug/cypress-plugin-revdebug
The last step is to add to cypress/support/index.js file at bottom:

Expected results

Failed automated tests will report "RevDeBug trace" at the top of the error message as shown below. The trace id can be used to locate transactions at "Trace" tab at RevDeBug web interface and access detailed frontend and backend code execution recordings.
Last failed request trace id appended to Cypress error message.
The same trace id visible from RevDeBug web interface with detailed recording of whole transaction available to the developer.