Observability & Tracing

Inspect individual traces and drill down to root cause of problem within seconds
In this tab, the user can read several information about endpoints, such as call time, response time, status, HTTP method, the URL from which it was called. In case of an error, the user can view the error message and go to the recording containing the moment of the exception.
Trace has several endpoint filtering options:
  • Filtering the endpoints by successful state
  • Filtering the endpoints by unsuccessful state
  • Filtering the endpoints by names
Clicking on a particular span opens the span info tab where the user can read information about it. The information differs depending on the endpoint status.
In span info in failed endpoints, in addition to the necessary information, the user can use the Show error details button to go to the tab containing detailed information about the error or directly go to the exception recording with the Flight Recording button.
Then you can find out what went wrong with Flight Recording technology. Line by line, value by value to answer the question "Why".