C# Azure Functions
How to enable error reporting and monitoring for Azure Functions (serverless)

Adding RevDeBug NuGet packages

First add a both RevDeBug NuGet repositories, the main one and a second dedicated for Azure packages:
Please refer for detailed instructions on the main C# manual page.
For Azure Function project install two NuGet packages:
  • RevDeBug.Net.Compilers.Toolset
  • RevDeBugAPM.Agent.AzureFunction
Configure the RevDeBug build time connection as described on the main C# manual page.

Annotate functions for tracing

Add [RevDeBugTracing] annotation to Run method for each Azure Function you would like to obtain traces.
Afterwards build your solution and deploy to Azure.

Setting the RevDeBug recording server address and service name

Using the Azure Portal set two environment variables (application settings) for Azure Functions:
  • SKYWALKING__SERVICENAME - set to your Function Name
  • SKYWALKING__TRANSPORT__GRPC__SERVERS - set to address of RevDeBug server instance with :11800 port number appended at the end, eg. revdebug.server.name:11800
Azure Portal > Azure Function > Settings > Configuration