Data masking

Data masking capabilities of RevDeBug for C# projects and how to use them.

Excluding specified code from RevDeBug recordings

You can exclude parts of the source code from RevDeBug recording by enclosing it with

"NoTimeTravel" region. eg:

#region NoTimeTravel
 public static String MethodExcluded(FinallyClauseSyntax finallyClause)
            return retValue

Excluding variables' values from RevDeBug recordings

You can specify variable names and/or regular expressions matching variable names that RevDeBug will ignore when recording code execution.

This is done in a configuration file with ".rdbbuildignore" extension (eg. project_name.rdbbuildignore).

The file needs to be included in the project as "AdditionalFiles" type (in the properties window of the file inside Visual Studio - it will default to "Content" or "None" and need to be changed to "AdditionalFiles").

The default content if the file is not present contains following entries:


After the next full rebuild of the project code execution recordings will exclude values of variables that have their names match the list.

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